Get Found Online

Claim your local place listings

Google is very focused on “local” search, which lets you compete directly with big companies for search results in your area. Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. all have free business listings as well. Set them up and make sure they link to your site. Add photos, list top brands, hours of operation, business type, etc. Where search is concerned, the more info you can get across, the better.

  • Google Maps. Find your store on Google Maps and “claim” your listing. Add a link to your site (and hours, pictures, etc).

  • Facebook Page. Make sure your Facebook profile has a link to your site in the sidebar.

  • Make a Facebook Place – click “create a page”

  • Yahoo Local – claim that listing, add as much info and your URL as you can.

  • Bing Business Portal.

  • Yelp. Find yourself on Yelp, and claim the listing. Add a link to your site. Also, respond to any negative reviews. 

  • Get on G+ and make a page and profile. Links, hours, brands, pictures. 

  • Ask for links from local businesses, downtown associations or friends. Kid related sites are best. Only use local and trustworthy listings.

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