10 Update Tips

Here are 10 tips for keeping your site updated and looking it’s best!

  1. Look at your site– Go to your home-page and just look over your site. Check out all your links to make sure everything is working properly. (banners, front page slide show, social media, etc.) See that your hours, locations and contact info is all current. (How to set those)
  2. List Products– Keeping your product listings current and accurate is crucial to keep your audience using your website. Put new, seasonal items in your featured product module and don’t forget to rotate them out often. Keep your inventory in sync with the CSV Import or one of our automated sync components. (Do you need a current product match-up? Contact us at support@stoysnet.com)
  3. Write about your favorite game or toy – Be a source for information, and help build your site’s SEO Value. Create a home-page posting, or content page with articles, lists of award winning toys, product reviews, etc. ASTRA members, use The WooHoo Factor for inspiration. (Be sure to read the guidelines.)
  4. Highlight an upcoming event-  Use the calendar for scheduling events.  Also, create teasers and links for your events (make them easy to find); showcase the event details, and afterwards, write about how much fun the event was and share images of the event. Tip: If you don’t keep a calendar that is full of events, you might want to switch to content pages so you can really highlight the events you do have.
  5. Check your product category icons- Make sure you’re not missing icons. (It makes the page look odd). Tip: If you’re having trouble managing your category thumbnails, we can set them up as text based (styled to match your site), so they look good and won’t need icons.  example
  6. Social Media-Social Networking-Update links to your pages, add new things such as Pinterest and Instagram. Or, add widgets to post feeds from your Facebook, blog, or Twitter accounts, on your website.
  7. Create promos- When running any promotions or specials, be sure to feature them on your home-page via your welcome message, a banner, or front page slide show (as the first slide). Don’t for get to add a link to a product category or content page or with more info about your promotion.
  8. Coupons– Create and use coupons and discounts. There are a couple of types of coupons, Standard and Single Use. Discounts can be applied to a variety of parameters within the product editor. These are great to use in conjunction with your promotions.
  9. Mobile template– Be sure to check your website by looking at it on your smartphone. Enable your mobile template and create your custom welcome message. Here, you can also set your styling as well as contacts, locations and hours. You may also want to look into setting up an eCommerce Mobile site.
  10. QR Codes –  Did you know your site has a built in QR Code generator?  You can easily print QR Codes for all your products – then place the QR codes on shelves and in windows next to the products you want to highlight. It’s a great way to drive customers to your website.
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