Set Products to In-Store Only

There are a few easy ways to handle products on your site that you don’t want to ship. While there isn’t a way to set certain shipping methods per product, you can use any of the following methods to designate a product as in-store pickup only.



Method 1 – Attributes and Shipping Override

If you would like the customer to be able to order the product online, but let them know they can’t get it shipped to them, we recommend this method. It is not foolproof, so you will need to keep an eye on orders, as some customers will choose not to read the information presented to them and attempt to get the item shipped anyway.


To set up this method, there are a few steps we suggest:

  1. In the full description editor, append a note to the client either before or after the current description to let them know they can’t get the product shipped. We recommend making it bold and a different color, to make it stand out.

  2. In the Attributes tab, add a “Custom Attributes List” option like the one shown below. You can rephrase this as needed. Make sure to include the leading * so the text box it creates will be required before they can add the product to their cart.

    The field will look like this on the front-end:

  3. As a final step to cover all your bases, go to the Packaging tab and set a Shipping Override of zero, so even if they choose a shipping option when they check out, it won’t charge them for shipping this item, so you won’t have to re-run the transaction.


Method 2 – Redirect to Content Page

Another option for setting products to in-store pickup only is to use the URL field to redirect them to a page that explains your in-store only policy.

To set this up, you will want to create a Static Content page or a Content Item which gives the shopper details of your policy for In-Store only items. Here is an example:


Then, in the product editor, add a note to the product description, like this:


Finally, in the product editor, at the bottom of the Product Info tab, add the address of the policy page in the URL box:

With this URL in place, clicking the Buy Now button on that product will redirect the customer to the In-Store Only policy page, instead of adding the product to the cart.



Method 3 – Call for Pricing

This method will display the item in your product listings, but won’t allow the customer to add it to the cart. They will have to call or come in to order this product.


To set this up, open the product in the product editor and clear the price field.

This will set the price area on the front-end to “Call for Pricing”, and will remove the Buy Now buttons from the product.

You may also want to add some text to the product description to explain why they can’t purchase the product online, and give them instructions to call or visit the store.

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