Static Content Menu Item

This assumes you’ve created a content page, and now you want to create a menu link to it.

Here’s a simple way to create a link to your new page within the main menu. This technique works for Static Content, and also content Articles, Categories and Sections.

Create a menu link to a Static Content page:

1) Open the Main Menu editor

note: do not select “Menu Manager”… select “mainmenu”



2) Select New (top right corner of page)



3) Select the link type based upon the type of content you are linking to. In this example, we are linking to a static content page, so we select “Link – Static Content”





4) Fill out the Link Details:

  1. Name (a short, accurate name is best)
  2. Static Content (select the page you wish to link to)
  3. On Click, open (if you want the browser to create a new window when the user clicks the link, select “New Window with Browser”). note: In most cases, if you are linking to pages within your site, select “Parent Window”… and if you are linking to pages outside your site, select  “New Window with Browser”.
  4. Parent Item (if you want the menu link to be a drop-menu item under another main menu link, select the existing link as the parent)



5) Click Save (top right corner of page)




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