Content Editing – can’t edit anything!

“When I try to add a picture, or edit text, nothing happens!”

 1. You may have logged in with Internet Explorer by accident. We recommend using Firefox. IE does not comply with web standards. The AOL browser is absolutely unsupported, even by AOL. Download the latest version of Firefox here.

2. You may not have the ckEditor enabled. To check, go to the User Manager and click on your username. On the right side, under Parameters, choose ckEditor Mambot from the drop-down list.

3. Your session may be corrupted.  If you have Firefox and the JCE Editor, and you still can’t edit content: log out, close and restart Firefox, then log back in.

4. Restart.

If all that doesn’t fix the problem, log into and put in a ticket. Include your browser (Firefox, Safari, IE, etc), operating system (Vista, XP, OSX, etc), and a description of the circumstances and the problem. 

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