Add or change MFG/Brand logos

test-mfg.jpgThe Manufacturer management tool automatically creates display ‘badges’ for any manufacturer it doesn’t have a logo for. If you have the logo, you can easily replace the placeholder with a real logo.

Reasons to change the displayed logo:

  • The logo is a placeholder ‘badge’ generated by your site.
  • A manufacturer changes its name or logo.
  • A brand is sold to another manufacturer
  • Your customers know the brand, but not the manufacturer

 To Change the logo, you’ll need to edit the manufacturer description. Click the name in the Manufacturer List (Shopping Cart > Manufacturers > List Manufacturers) to open it.

  1. Click “Choose Image” under the logo graphic.
  2. Visit the manufacturer’s website, or use Google’s “Images” search to find an appropriate logo.
  3. Process the logo graphics. Recommended: PNG file with 24 bit alpha, 250×250 pixels. Brand logos should never be larger than 500x500px. 
  4. “Browse” to upload the new logo from your own computer, or drag it from your desktop.
  5. Hit “Save Logo”
  6. UNCHECK “Use STN Provided Logo.” You can revert back to the original logo at any time.







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