Uploading a ZIP file

You can put several pictures into the same category by making a ZIP archive of them, and uploading that.

There are a couple of caveats: Names and descriptions you add will apply to every image in the archive, and there’s a 16 MB limit on file size.

Upload several images at once with a ZIP file

Step 1. Click Components>Picture Gallery>Manage Photo’s (sic).

From here you can Upload and Edit pictures, and Publish, Unpublish or Delete them.


Step 2. Click Upload.

This takes you to the Upload photo(s) manager.


Step 3. Choose the category for your new images.

Choose a category for the images.

Leave the Name field blank, unless you want all the images to have the same name.

Any description you enter into the Description field will also apply to every image in the ZIP archive.


File Naming! Some web browsers don’t like file names with spaces, upper-case letters, upper-case extensions (.JPG instead of .jpg), or “illegal” characters: ? [ ] / \ = + < > : ; ” , * |.

A free program called Bulk Rename Utility will let you rename a lot of files at once. You can download it from PC World.


Step 4. Scroll down to the Upload fields and choose a ZIP file

Click “Browse…” to find the archive on your computer.


Step 5. Click the Upload button

There is a 16M limit on the size of uploads. You may want to size your digital pictures before you upload them. If you don’t have an image editing program, use pixlr.com or www.picnik.com to adjust your images. 500 or 1000 pixels wide is good. For a tutorial on resizing images, see our help page on Creating Banner Graphics.


Step 6. Press the Close Button

Wait til it’s stopped uploading!

You should now see your new images in your picture gallery.



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