Country and States

For information on adding or removing countries from your shipping options, see our help pages on International Shipping.

If you do not want to allow shipping to particular states such as Hawaii or Alaska, you can remove those states from your dropdowns by unchecking the “Ship To” and “Sell To”. You also have the ability to delete or add new countries or states.

View or remove states:

  1. Go to Shopping Cart > Admin > Country > List Countries

  2. Click United Stated [ List States ]

  3. View or delete states here. From this list you also have the ability to set if you want to “Ship To” or “Sell To”. Turing these on or off determines if they are available to customers in the check out process. The “Free Shipping” applies to the free shipping setting in your store configuration >>>


Adding States

You can add states to your drop-down list, as well. Perhaps you deleted a state you’d like to add back in, or wish to ship to Puerto Rico.

On the States List screen,  Shopping Cart > Admin > Country > List Countries > [ List State ], click new, add the state code, save:

  1. Click the New icon up at the top right.

  2. Enter three-letter and two-letter state codes

  3. Save


 State Codes:

  State Name  State Code (3)  State Code (2) 
  Alabama  ALA  AL 
  Alaska  ALK  AK 
  Arizona  ARZ  AZ 
  Arkansas  ARK  AR 
  California  CAL  CA 
  Colorado  COL  CO 
  Connecticut  CCT  CT 
  Delaware  DEL  DE 
  District Of Columbia  DOC  DC 
  Florida  FLO  FL 
  Georgia  GEA  GA 
  Hawaii  HWI  HI 
  Idaho  IDA  ID 
  Illinois  ILL  IL 
  Indiana  IND  IN 
  Iowa  IOA  IA 
  Kansas  KAS  KS 
  Kentucky  KTY  KY 
  Louisiana  LOA  LA 
  Maine  MAI  ME 
  Maryland  MLD  MD 
  Massachusetts  MSA  MA 
  Michigan  MIC  MI 
  Minnesota  MIN  MN 
  Mississippi  MIS  MS 
  Missouri  MIO  MO 
  Montana  MOT  MT 
  Nebraska  NEB  NE 
  Nevada  NEV  NV 
  New Hampshire  NEH  NH 
  New Jersey  NEJ  NJ 
  New Mexico  NEM  NM 
  New York  NEY  NY 
  North Carolina  NOC  NC 
  North Dakota  NOD  ND 
  Ohio  OHI  OH 
  Oklahoma  OKL  OK 
  Oregon  ORN  OR 
  Pennsylvania  PEA  PA 
  Rhode Island  RHI  RI 
  South Carolina  SOC  SC 
  South Dakota  SOD  SD 
  Tennessee  TEN  TN 
  Texas  TXS  TX 
  Utah  UTA  UT 
  Vermont  VMT  VT 
  Virginia  VIA  VA 
  Washington  WAS  WA 
  West Virginia  WEV  WV 
  Wisconsin  WIS  WI 
  Wyoming  WYO  WY
American Samoa   AS
Federated States of Micronesia   FM
Guam   GU
Marshall Islands   MH
Northern Mariana Islands   MP
Palau   PW
Puerto Rico   PR
U.S. Minor Outlying Islands   UM
Virgin Islands of the U.S.   VI


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