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Facebook has become the leading social networking application on the World Wide Web and has also become a viable tool for marketing directly to your consumers. This help page will not go into detail on how to create a Facebook account and a “Fan Of” page since Facebook has plenty of help pages available. What we are going to cover are the ways you can create the connection between your website and your Facebook Fan Page. 

There are basically 2 ways to interact with your Facebook; 

1. Create links that take people to your Facebook page.

2. Pull in Facebook information into your site from Facebook.

Linking to Facebook

To create a link to your Facebook fan page you will first need to know the URL for your fan page. Then using the link editor in the content editor you would simply create the link. Click here for more information on creating links using the editor. Another way to create the link is to use a banner if you have a banner position defined on your site. If your site was not designed with banner positions you can still have the STN staff create thes for you. In some cases this may have a cost associated with it depending on the design of your site. To learn more about using the banner manager click here. You will find Facebook graphics to be used as banners on the STN (www.stoysnet.com) website in the member’s section. 

The other method create a link is using the Facebook link builder. You will need to have a Facebook account and be logged in to do this. While logged into Facebook scroll to the very bottom of the page and click on the “Developers ” link then click on the “Integrate Facebook into your site using Connect” link. On this page you will need to scroll down to the section where it displays all of the different options of using or integrating Facebook. For the link you will want to look at the first one being offered: Add Facebook Share button to any piece of content. This will allow you to generate code for displaying a “Share” button on any content page you like.

Facebook On Your Site

There are a few different ways to embedd Facebook content into your site. You will need to have a Facebook account created and should have a Facebook Page setup for many of the embedd options.


The most commin method of pulling in information onto your site may be the “Page Plugin” option: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin

To create the code necessary for your site, you will need to have a Facebook account and be logged in, as well have a Fan Page created. While logged in scroll to the bottom of the Facebook page and click on the “Developers ” link then click on the Social Plugins option. On this page it displays all of the different options of integrating Facebook. For the Page Plugin, click that option, and follow the instructions to generate the needed source code. After entering your options, click the “Get Code” button, and copy the code snippet. (tip: the IFrame embedd option is simpler to install)



You will then need to paste the code into the desired web page using the “Code” (or Source) view. With the page editor open, select the Source button on the editor



This will switch to an editing window that displays the HTML for the content page, and allows you to paste the code generated by Facebook.

facebook fanbox

After pasting the code into the page where you want it click the “Save” button. Now on the front end of your website you will display the Facebook embed. 


If you have problems with this process or want more styling than what Facebook offers the STN team is available to help. 

For more options and information on Facebook Social Plugins, click here>> 


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