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If your site has a “Contact Us” page, in most cases you will be using a special website component called ‘Contacts’ to manage this page. The ‘Contacts’ component will allow you to display one or more contacts to your visitors.

You’ll need to enter in the information: address, phone number, etc. that you wish to display.

Set up Contacts

To setup your contact page information, go to Components >> Contacts >> Manage Contacts.


  There should be at least one contact in the list. Click on the name of the contact to edit the details.




Go through the information and make any desired changes.





You can also use the “Availability” to set times that you are open/available.

For more information about setting your store’s hours and availability, check the Store Hours help page.


The tabs on the right side control the display options for the contact. Each contact you create can have its own display options.

Publishing tab

The Publishing tab is for setting the published state, the ordering, and the Access options of this contact.


‘Yes’ means the contact is published, or “turned on” – visitors will be able to see this page.
‘No’ means the page is not visible on the front-end. You can still edit an unpublished page , but it will not be visible to visitor until you publish it.

If you have more than one contact, you can use ‘ordering’ to control the order that the contact pages are displayed.

‘Public’ access will allow all visitors to see this page.
‘Registered’ access means only registred users who have logged in to the site will be able to see this page.


Images tab

The images tab is for choosing an image to display on the contact page. We usually put a store logo here.



Parameters tab


The Parameters tab has a lot of options.  Mouse over each option name to see a brief description of what each one does.





SAVING. After you make any changes, press the “Save” button at the top right to apply the changes.



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