ASTRA Best Toys for Kids 2010 – info page

Looking for the Best Toys for Kids?

The American Specialty Toy Retailers Association (ASTRA), has just announced the 2010 Best Toys for Kids awards.  As a member of ASTRA, we’re proud to introduce them to you!

What qualities make the “Best Toys for Kids?”

The 2010 Best Toys for Kids award recipients were chosen by ASTRA members to be the most engrossing, fun, beneficial and safe toys for children. As specialty toy experts, ASTRA members look for toys that offer:

  • exceptional play value
  • inspire creative play
  • stimulate the imagination
  • encourage exploration and problem-solving
  • fascinate, entertain and delight both children and parents

[_____Name of store______] is proud to offer these 2010 Best Toys for Kids award picks to you for your holiday gift-giving and all year long.

When it comes to toy shopping, choose from the Best Toys for Kids and know that any and all of them are high-quality toys for high-quality play that are safe, appropriate and a strong value for your children.

Start shopping: 2010 Best Toys for Kids Winners [<< link this text link to your category page.]

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