Using Zones

If you are trying to accomodate sales and shipping to other countries and you are not relying on 3rd party calculators like UPS orUSPS then you may want to look into implementing the “Zones” option. This allows you to assign the shipping calculators to defined Zones that you can assign countries to. This gives you the ability to set your shipping charges to accomodate that zone. This feature only works with the Flex Shipping (Zone) and Standard Table Based Shipping (Zone) shipping calculators.

To get started you need to first define you shipping zone that you want to use. Go to Shopping Cart >> Admin >> Country >> List Zones

Zones list


On the Zones page you should see “Default”, “Zone 1”, “Zone 2” and “Zone 3”. These are editible Zones excpet for the “Default” Which is what the shipping calculators will look to unless otherwise assigned.

It would be best to name these to better describe the zone or create new one. For example you could rename one of the existing ones or create anew one and name it “European” and then assign the European countries to that zone through the Countries manager.


Next you would want to make a shipping calculator instance and assign it to that shipping zone.


Flex w/Zone Shipping Calculator

Standard Table Based w/Zone Shipping Calculator


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