STN Import Tool

One great benefits of your STN Membership is that you can quickly import products from the STN Master Database. When you import a product from the Master Database, a copy of the product is pulled into your site with all the product details associated with it.

Specialty Toys Network’ database of pre-processed toys is unique in the industry, and saves retailers untold hours of work when stocking and updating their e-commerce websites.

This database currently includes over 100,000 nationally available products sold by specialty toy stores, including toys, books, games, cards, etc. We continually add to this product database, so your ability to easily add new products to your store never stops! With all the manufacturers available, we prioritize by our members’ requests – the new toys that are important to you are important to us!

Click here to see a list of the manufacturers in the database.

Once you import a product into your own site, it is completely customizable by you.

You can customize the product after import:

  • Change the imported SKU to match your POS number
  • Change price and quantity (of course)
  • Change the name
  • Optimize the short description and long descriptions
  • Add images, Youtube videos and supporting PDFs

Choose how and where the product displays on your site:

  • Best for Boys? Girls? Both? You can set a Gender for any toy
  • Promote the Play Value (Learning Fundamentals)
  • Change Ages – you can customize the manufacturer-provided age ranges
  • Change the Manufacturer name, or organize by Brand
  • Choose related or complementary items to display alongside it

The depth of this database provides many benefits:

  • You don’t have to acquire or create this information on your own.
  • If a customer comes into the store and requests a specific item not in stock, you and your employees have one convenient place to search. No more having to look through catalogs, Amazon, or a competitor’s site to find the item!
  • You can carry drop-ship products that are not physically in your inventory. By drop shipping from the manufacturer, you can simplify the fulfillment process while realizing previously unavailable sales.
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