Manage Discounts with CSV

Using CSV Import/Export to Manage Discounts

You can use the CSV Export/Import tools to quickly assign and unassign discounts to large groups of products.

use a CSV file with two columns to quickly upload discounts to all your web items


Upload a CSV with these two columns in order to assign discounts to products:

  • product_sku
  • product_discount_id
Use zero (0) to unasssign an item from all discounts.
Use the appropriate Discount ID number to assign items to a disount.
You can find the appropriate Discount ID within the Product Discount List editor.
finding discount ids within product list editor

As of 1/1/14, Please note that these following 3 CSV fields are no longer supported. The discount amount and start/end dates must be applied via the Product Discount List editor.

  • product_discount
  • product_discount_date_start
  • product_discount_date_end


See the help pages for CSV Import/Export for more details on general use of the CSV Import/Export tools.



Video: Using CSV Import/Export to Manage Discounts

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