Store Policy pages

Your site has a set of content pages for your shoppers to see what your shipping, return and gift-wrap policies are. They are ‘boilerplate’ pages we put in as a starting point. You need to review these pages and edit them to reflect your actual policies.

 When your site is first turned on, these pages are found on the front-end under the main menu link, “Help”.


Please read through these pages to see what is already in place, and then you can better decide what you need to add, remove or edit. If you would like other pages added, you can insert new pages, or send the text to your STN Project Manager, and we will add them in for you.

Tip: The “Return & Exchanges” policy page can also be appended to your Purchase Orders.

Step 2: Edit the pages

To update the help pages, Login to your site Administrator (the back-end), and use the top menu to navigate to:
Content >> Content by Section >> Store Info >> Store Info Items. 


You will now see a list of content pages. The pages that you will want to edit are listed here, and are all part of the category of content called ‘Help’. 



You can simply Unpublish any of the items if you do not want them shown. For example, if you are not offering gift wrapping, unpublish this page by clicking the publish icon; changing it from Published to Unpublished.



  Note: If you are going to Unpublish all the help pages, we strongly recommend you also unpublish the Menu Link to the help pages .


To edit a page, click on the title of the page –  this will open the page’s editor.




Click your cursor into the editor window to begin editing. If you have not edited any content items yet, we suggest you watch our YouTube videos on content management , where a STN instructor will show you tips & tricks for editing.



After you have modified the help pages to meet your needs, click the Save button.






Click the Next link to proceed to the next step.


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