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Shopping Cart - Shipping
Wednesday, 19 December 2012 10:34

You can choose the countries your site will sell to, by using the Country List and the Add Country tool.
These are accessed from your shopping cart's Admin dropdown: Shopping Cart > Admin > Country > List Countries

Right now, you can allow shipping to different countries (you must have United States at least!), and also deny free shipping on a per-country basis.

Enable a "Ship To" country

To enable a country, go to Shopping Cart > Admin > Country > List Countries



Select [ ] Ship To and [ ] Sell To next to the country you would like to allow shipping to. You can also choose to sell to a country, but not ship to it. Free Shipping can be disabled country-wide from this window as well.



Remove a "ship to" country

 To remove a country as an option to your customers, you can change it's options by removing the check marks from the  [ ] Ship To and [ ] Sell To boxes.


Don't see the country you want listed?


Add a new "Ship To" country

To Add a country, choose Add Country from the Admin dropdown. Shopping Cart > Admin > Country > Add Country

NOTE: You don't have all of the countries and states and don't want to create them yourself? Put in a ticket and we will do it for you.




Fill out the name, choose the Zone, and enter the two-letter and three-letter country codes. Also set the options on if you want to ship to and/or sell to. 

Country Name: Enter the name of the country you want to ship to.

Free Shipping: This allows you to not offer free shipping for this country. 

Options: Set if you want to "Ship To" or "Sell To" this country. All states under this country will follow this rule.

Country Zone: Assign to the appropriate Zone. If you are creating shipping calculators for specific zones then use this to assign the country to that specific calculator. 

Country Code (2): Enter the country's 2-letter code. [ List of 2-digit codes:

Country Code (3): The country's 3-letter code. [ ]


Last Updated on Monday, 16 December 2013 16:57