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Creating Banner Ads E-mail
Components - Banner Manager
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 16:45



Before you can create a Banner Ad, you will need to create the Banner Graphic Image to be used in your banner ad.


Step 1. Log in to your site's back end, and go to the Banner Manager.

Click on Banner Tool, then hit Banner Manager.


Step 2. Click the "NEW" button in the Banner Manager



Step 3. Name your new banner ad and set "Your Store" as the Client.


Banner Name: Banners are often set to sort alphabetically, so if you add a numeric prefix to your banner names (eg: "01 Holiday Toy Collection"), you can easily control their display order within the category.

Client Name: Unless you're selling banner space, select "Your Store"


Step 4. Choose the category


Pick the category that matches your artwork. 180 pixels for a banner image that goes in the right or left column, and wide ones for the header position you may have, or to go at the bottom of a page.


Tip: Creating Banners for your Mobile Homepage sliding display? Select the category called "Mobile Homepage Banner"


Step 5. Upload a new image, or pick an existing image for the banner from the drop-down menu. 


If you haven't already uploaded your banner image, you can upload your image by clicking the "Upload/Browse For Image" button. This button will also allow you to browse your Banners folder for existing images.

upload banner


The selector drop-menu shows all the images already uploaded to your Banners folder in the Media Manager




Step 6. Tell the system where to take visitors when they click the banner ad

6a. Link the banner ad to one of your Manufacturers


Click the radio button (black dot) next to "Select MFG:" and choose that manufacturer from the dropdown menu. The menu shows all manufacturers with products you've added to your online store.





6b. Link the banner ad to a page by URL.

This will link to any standard URL you enter.


Click the radio button (black dot) next to "Click URL" and then enter the destination URL.

Format:  (when available, use the secure https prefix)

 tip: Create URLs that use the STN product filter to return pre-selected options


Step 7. Add ALT text to descriobe your banner

This is an important step for SEO & accessability

Step 8. Optional: Set Date parameters

You can use the Date tab to set Start and End dates, or set you banner to display only on certain days of each week.


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