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Shopping Cart - Product Management
Monday, 05 August 2019 13:38

The Cart Cleanup tools are useful ways to manage different cleanup processes:

Where to Find these Tools

Login to your Cart, then select Cleanup option from the cart menu:

Product and Category Cleanup Tools

Adjust Rank Value by Images

Use this action to change all your product's rank value according to image count. It works as follows:

  • If a product has no assigned image, the product's rank value will be set to "-100"
  • If a product has 1 or more assigned image, AND the product's current rank value is less than 0, the product's rank value will be set to "0"
  • If a product has 1 or more assigned image, AND the product's current rank value is 0 or greater, the product's rank value will not be changed.

note: a product's image count relies on various caching rules, so recently modified items may not be correctly adjusted accorting to the notes rules. If you find this happens, either manually adjust these products, or allow a couple hours to pass and run the cleanup action again.

Find All Duplicates

This function will check all your products for potential duplicate products, and update the product_sku to help you determine what duplicates to remove.

Items will be considered duplicates if:

- they posess the same UPC, ISBN, EAN.

- the have the same Manufacturer AND Mfg_SKU

- they have the same STN_SKU

Duplicate Items will be modified as follows:

- A Primary Item will be defined (preference is given to the oldest Published Item with the greatest In Stock qty)

- Any duplicates of a primary items will be modified as follows:

- the duplicate item's SKU will be changed to be the primary item's SKU, followed by the duplicate item's SKU in parnethesis.

eg: Primary Item SKU = 383114 .... Duplicate Items SKU = 38311-4 ..... The Duplicate Item's SKU will be changed to 383114(copy 38311-4)

Tip: After running Find All Duplicates, you can Sort by SKU to group all duplicates together.


Sort duplicate items

Find Marked Duplicates

This function performs the same actions as Find All Duplicates, except that it only checks for duplicates of products that you have already assigned to our special category, "STN Cleanup These Items". When checking for Marked Duplicates, the marked items will be checked for duplicated against all items in the cart, but items not assigned to "STN Cleanup These Items" will not be checked against other items.


Cleanup These Items Category


Undo Duplicates

This function will clean our the parenthetical "(copy xxxxxx)" in the SKU field of any items assigned to the "DUPLICATE copy" category. 

Note: If editing of products has resulted in another product that uses the "xxxxxx" SKU, the item SKU will not be undone, as the system doies not allow duplicate SKUs.

Rename SKUs to PDBHub SKUs

If you are using the STN PDBHUb system for POS-to-web syncing and product matchup, you can run this function. First, assign any items you want renamed to the 'STN Processing > STN Cleanup These Items' category. Then run the "Rename SKUs to PDBHub SKUs" function. Wherever the system can properly identify products, it will rename the website item's SKU to the corresponding PDBHub SKU (your POS primary Item Number). After the function has run, any items that were updated will be moved to the 'STN Processing > SKU renamed to PDBHub SKU' category. 




FInd Uncategorized

This functions will assign any uncategorized product to the special category "needs categorization" so that you can easilty filter and update these items.

Uncategorized Items

Find Manufacturer's Logos

This is a helpful one-click tool to import STN provided brand logos for any of your mfg's that do not already have logos.

brand logos



Combine Duplicate Manufacturer

This script combines any duplicate manufacturers/brands you may have based on STN MFG name tables. Running the action will assign all products for duplicated MFGs to one MFG and delete the duplicate MFGs. This will also update MFG Mapping where relevant. The function also adds brand logos if available.

Combine Duplicate Manufacturer


Merge Products

This is function is used for merging duplicate versions of products. Select more than one product in the in-line editor, then click the  "Merge Products" button. You can find this button in the top-right of the in-line editor grid, or by right-clicking on a product thumbnail.


quickly merge multiple products


Last Updated on Monday, 28 September 2020 11:55