You have two different options when it comes to a mobile version of your site. 

Standard: This is currently available and just requires you to enable and configure it. This is an information only version of your site and has no shopping cart capabilities. It is a simple version for you to manage and has no cost associated with it. Learn how to get started now >>>

E-Commerce: The e-Commerce mobile site version is a great way for you to show and sell your products to those customers who are using smart phones. Unlike the standard mobile site component, the e-Commerce mobile version was developed to support full product display, promotional marketing, and shopping cart checkout – all on the mobile platform. Due to the complexities involved in preparing the e-Commerce mobile site, there is not a self-service component in place, like there is for the standard mobile site. To get your e-Commerce mobile site up and going, please complete the e-Commerce Mobile Sign Up form. Please note: there is a one-time setup fee for an eCommerce Mobile site.

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