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Category: New or Edit [Content:All] E-mail
Content Management - Content Categories
Tuesday, 03 April 2012 21:29


Create a New Category or Edit the details of an existing Category to which Content Items can then be assigned. 



Save: Click Save to save any changes made during the current editing session, and return to the Category Manager screen.

Apply: Click Apply to save any changes made so far in the current session, but remain in the Category: Edit screen to continue editing.

When the Apply icon is clicked during the creation of a new Category, the screen changes from the Category: New to the Category: Edit screen, and allows additional details, settings, and parameters to be edited. The new Category will have been saved in the Category Manager, with the name and initial details that have been entered up to that point. The Section field, to which the New Category belongs, will no longer be editable.

Once the editing session is complete, click Save as above.

Cancel: Click Cancel to terminate the current editing session and return to the Category Manager screen. Any modifications that have been made since the last time Apply, or Save, was clicked will be lost. If the Category is opened for editing, it returns to a state of checked-in and is available for re-selection. If a new Category was being created, and Apply had not been clicked at any time, all trace of the new Category will be deleted. 

Help: Click the Help icon at any time to view this Help Screen.

Category Details:

Category Title: Enter the short name of the Category, as it should appear in the database, and in the Administrator Back-end Category Manager.

Category Name: Enter the full name of the Category as it is to be displayed on target display page in the Front-end, whenever the Show Category Name option is selected in a Menu Item. 

Section: Select the Section that this Category is to belong to from the displayed list of all Sections that are available. This field will not be editable once the Apply, or Save icons are clicked. Once the initial details have been saved it will show the Section, to which the Category belongs, as a fixed field.

Image: Select an image that will be displayed next to the Category Title in a target display page. The drop down list shows the available images in the /images/stories directory.

Image position: Select Left or Right, from the displayed list, to set where the chosen image will be displayed above the Category display, in the target display page, relative to the Description text. The image will not be displayed in Menu Items when multiple Categories are selected. 

Ordering: Control where this Category will appear in the Category Manager in the Back-end, and consequently its position in any Menu Item display in the Front-end. Select this position from the drop-down display of current Categories contained in the Category Manager.

note711_smallNOTE: By default the new Category is placed at the top of the list. Its position can be changed once the new Category has been saved for the first time. The drop down box displays all Categories in the Category Manager whether they are published or not. 

Access Level: Define which of the three document Access Levels applies to this Category. Select from Public, Registered, or Special.

Published: Check this check box to Publish the Category. If there is no check mark in the check box, then the Category is Unpublished.

Description: Enter a description of the Category that explains its Content Items in the open text field. The text will be displayed above the list of Content Items in the target display page of a Menu Item, if the Show Description option is selected in its parameters. The text will not be displayed when there are multiple Categories selected by a Menu Item to be displayed in a single page.


The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor is the means by which the text is entered into the Description of the Category.

Last Updated on Friday, 07 December 2012 11:34