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This page assumes you’ve already made a CSV with either Excel or Open Office, and are ready to upload it.

To do this you will need a program on your computer to edit CSV files and possibly Excel files depending on your POS system. We reccomend OpenOffice ( ) which is a free and open source office program that is available for Mac and PC. Another good tool is Microsoft’s Excel which is part of the Microsoft Office Suite ( 

To get started you will need to be logged into the “Administrator” back-end and be in the shopping cart. On the shopping cart menu go to Products >> CSV Import/Export.

Step 1. Back up your data before overwriting it with an upload!
The link shows how to backup your data so it can be recovered.


Step 2. Choose the delimiter and field enclosure that matches your CSV file.

 Open Office = ^ and ~


Excel = , and



Step 3. Select you upload Settings
Since we are updating items that are already on the site select “Update Existing Products” in the upload settings.


DO NOT USE “Regular Upload” for a product update. This will add hundreds of empty SKUs to your site. You can then remove those SKUs with another CSV upload, but it’s tedious and technical.

Next select the “Show More Options” link and select “Use column headers as configuration” and “Overwrite existing data”. This will use the column headers to define what the items are that are getting updated. For more information on peparing your CSV file click here >>

Now you will need to select the CSV file that you have previously prepared and is ready to upload. If you need more information on how to prepare your file for uploading click here>>

1. screenshot005.gif

2. screenshot006.gif

3. screenshot007.gif

After submitting the CSV file it could take quite awhile to update your site with the CSV infromation depending on big your CSV sile is. After is finished updating your site you will get a report of what was updated and what was skipped. In this report you will see that 828 items were updated and 7,372 items were skipped. It is the product SKU that syncs up the CSV data with the product on your site.



For more information on how to prepare you CSV file please click here >>



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