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Transferring Domains E-mail
General Help Topics - Domains
Tuesday, 24 April 2012 07:38

If you want us to manage your domain(s), we will need to transfer the domain(s) to our registrar service, Moving the registration from your current registrar to our GoDaddy account allows us to manage multiple domains efficiently.

The process of transferring domains can be rather confusing, and the actual steps may differ depending upon where the domain is currently registered...  but don't worry, our goal is to make this as simple as possible.

Please give us a call and we can get it started for you: 503-434-9706

These are the typical steps for transferring a domain:

(note: If you are okay with sharing your current registrar login info with us, we can complete the following items on your behalf)



 [ ] Where is your domain currently registered? Your domain registrar is the company that maintains domain registration in your name. This is often not your web-hosting company. You can lookup WhoIs records to see the registrar of record.

 [ ] Change DNS before or after transferring? Depending upon scheduling of events, you may want to update your domain nameservers or DNS Zone settings prior to transferring domain registrar services. Once the auth codes for a transfer have been submitted, the domain is locked off from any DNS changes during the transfer period (typically 5-7 days).   Our Nameservers

 [ ] Any Custom DNS Zone settings? If you have any custom DNS Zone settings, these should be noted prior to any trasfer, as you may need them recreated after transferring.

 [ ] Email accounts prepared? If you are going to be using our mail server, make sure you have setup the mail accounts on the new server prior to changing your nameservers. This will prevent email from bouncing during DNS migration.  



 [ ] We will initiate a transfer request to our GoDaddy account    

 [ ] turn off any privacy settings or locks for the domain in the current domain manager

 [ ] GoDaddy will send an email to the domain Admin on record with a Transaction ID and Security Code. This email will need to be forwarded to us.

 [ ] Request an Authorization Code for the domain from the current domain registrar, and then forward that Authorization Code to us.

 [ ] After the Transaction IDSecurity Code, & the Authorization Code are entered in our account, the domain will be transferred between accounts (typically takes 5-7 days)

 [ ] We will email you to confirm and verify your Registrar contact information once the transfer is complete.



useful links:

GoDaddy help page for transferring domains between two GoDaddy Accounts

Last Updated on Friday, 25 March 2016 09:10