Registered User Management

On your site when a new user registers they will need to be approved by you prior to placing any orders or view pricing. 

It is important to note that you have a UK store as well as a US store.Users are unique to each store. A user cannot have an account that works for the US store as well as the UK store they will need to create an account for both stores. 

Manage Registration

1. After a new user registers on your site you will receive a notification via email, also there will be a notification on the back-end of your site letting you know. The user will also receive an email notifying them that they will notified shortly. 





2. You will need to go to the customer management area of your site (back-end) 


And from this list you will need to navigate to the new registered user and click on their name. This will allow you to view all of their details which will give you the information you need to make a decision on approving them or not. 

If they meet up to your standards click on their email address to launch your email program. In your email program you will need to store your email templates and use the appropriate one. *There is no automatic email notification when this status is changed.


3. Next if you decide to approve them then you need to step back to the customers list click on the edit button


4. Enable them 


5. By default they will be a standard shopper and will need to pay with PayPal but if you would like to give them NET30 then you will need to set their “Group Access” to “Reseller w/30NET and also the “Default customer group” to “Reseller w/30NET”



6. Select save


**It’s important to note that changing their status and permission DOES NOT send them an email. 


Managing Inventory

Since you will be looking to inventory on the site as the “master” all you will need to know is how to change inventory on products an a per site basis (US store and UK store). 

1. From the back-end of your site select which store you are going to be making the inventory changes for (US or UK)


2. Next navigate to the “Products” section. 


3. Click on the product you wish to make the change for. 


4. Then from the product edit page select the 


5. Change the “Quantity” to match what your records are (site inventory is in cases).


6. Click Save


***Very important to note that inventory on the site is in Cases!


Managing Orders:

When an order is placed you will receive a notification by email and there will also be a notification on the back-end of your site as well. At this point you have the option to forward the order to the appropriate warehouse if you approve it. If there is a different process/format that the warehouse requires then you should follow that. 

The next steps I’m not completely clear on what you will need to do be because of the processes you already have in place or will need to put in place in your office. I am going to do my best here and make some assumptions just to start the communication and work with you to figure out the best process for your business.


1. To process the order you will need to log into the back-end of your site and navigate to to Orders.


2. What you do next depends on the payment option your buyer used or was allowed to use. If they paid with PayPal then there isn’t much for you to do except forward the order information to the appropriate warehouse via email. Then if you get the tracking number place into the shipping tracking number and click “Update”. This will send out an email to the customer with the tracking number and link to check on delivery status. 

*For the US this will currently work but for the UK the defining URL needs to be set. Your UK warehouse will need to provide you with this URL.  

**I’m not sure if this is a step that you will want/need to take. I’ll leave that decision up to you.

If there is a PayPal error then the order will not complete and it will sit in the Order list for you to take action upon. what action you take again is up to you. You could send them a new invoice from PayPal and after they have completed that transaction you can enter the information here and then send the order information to the appropriate warehouse. 


3. If the customer is a 30/Net customer then they may have opted to pay via “NET 30 INVOICE” (US Only), “Bank Wire” or “Pay By Check” then your process is going to be a bit different. These customers are NET30 customers and these payment types will require you to verify and upon verification update the order. For example when you choose to ship will be up to you. I’m assuming that since they are NET 30 you would ship right away unless they have an outstanding debt that they need to take care of. To add payment information to the order after you have received it just select the payment method enter the Transaction ID the amount and then click the “Add” button. 


4. To keep the customer up to date on the status of their order you will want to change the status of the order when appropriate. To change the status of an order open the order for editing and select the appropriate status and click the “Add” button. You may want to have different status options to meet your needs.






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