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Shopping Cart - POS-to-Web Sync
Monday, 28 December 2015 17:55

One of the most important routines in running an online store is the synchronizing of inventory and pricing data between your POS system and your website. Specialty Toys Network offers several options to assist in this POS-to-Web Sync, including:

  • CSV Import/Export Tools - These Tools are built into the website back-end, and allow you to quickly export or import data. You can upload a CSV file with all your POS items, and within a few moments, the website will update all matching items and skip any unmatched items. Great for a daily or weekly sync update. More info:

  • STN Product Database Hub - automated CSV feed system - Upload CSV reports into the STN PDBHub, and this tool automatically updates your website in a variety of ways: Product pricing, inventory levels, inventory by store location, and, coming soon, automated matchup and product creation. We can help you setup a local ftp application  that will automatically upload your POS inventory reports (in CSV format). This process quickly reduces extra steps in the manual CSV Import routine. Great for running sync updates every 1/2 hour. More info:

  • eRegisterPro 400 - The eRegisterPro Point of Sale solution is equipped with ability to import orders and to synchronize inventory stock and pricing with the Specialty Toy Network ecommerce solution. More Info: eRegisterPro_and_STN.pdf

  • QuickBooks POS Sync Component - This component will automatically feed your QuickBook POS inventory quantities and product prices to your website on a regular schedule (we recommend every 1-4 hours). More info:

  • Merchant OS / Lightspeed Sync Component This component will automatically feed your Merchant OS / Lightspeed POS inventory quantities and product prices to your website on a regular schedule (we recommend every 1-4 hours). More info:

  • LINK Web Services API - Your website includes a secure API which will allow your POS programmer to feed and pull data from the website to your POS. The web page at   (or ) describes the LINK Web Service. It also provides links to example scripts you can use to test out the service. Please contact your Project Manager inf you wish to setup a LINK login for your website.
Last Updated on Friday, 17 May 2019 10:15