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STN Matchup Tool E-mail
Shopping Cart - STN Import Tool
Wednesday, 27 May 2015 17:33

9/15/15 - This component is being released in BETA format. We would appreciate your feedback via our Ticket Support.

STN Matchup Tool: BETA version

This tool allows you to use a CSV file to automatically locate products within the STN product database and then import those items to your local website. You can query up to 250 products at a time.1

General Instructions:

Note: This import process is does not have an undo function. Backup you website product data before proceeding, and carefully check your matchup results before importing.

To open the Matchup Tool, select the "Components" menu, then "Matchup Service"

Step 1: Prepare a CSV file4 from your POS data with the following 7 columns, in this order. The headers do not need to be named exactly like the supplied example, but the data does need to be in the same column structure. 

Each column is required, but you may leave a column empty if you do not have supporting data (eg: Column E can be blank if you are only matching up via UPC data)

  • Column A: Item Number < This is the KEY ID for your POS system. The imported product's SKU will be changed to this variable during import. 2,3
  • Column B: Product Name
  • Column C: UPC < also accepts EAN & ISBN codes. When using Excel, be sure to format this column as "Number" (view snapshot) 2
  • Column D: Manufacturer Name
  • Column E: Manufacturer Item Number  2
  • Column F: Regular Price
  • Column G: Quantity In Stock

CSV layout for matchup service


Step 2: Select your matchup preference ('Both' is suggested for best results, but requires more processing power*)

Step 3: Select your CSV file, then click the "Upload File" button

submit file

Step 4: The match-up process may take a couple minutes. (Look to the lower-left status indicator for completion of "waiting for..." note)

See ISE error note below 5

Step 5: After matchup results are presented, review recommended matches and update as needed. Typical review tasks will include:

Selecting a preferred item when duplicate matches are located


Changing "Import?" Status to "N" for any items you do not want to import 6

import option

Step 6: Import the items. Click the "Import Select?" button to perform the following actions:

  • Verify Manufacturer Mapping for the items
  • Any items flagged with an Import? Status of "Y" will be imported into your website.
  • The imported items will be imported with the following specs:
    • Items will be Unpublished
    • Items will be assigned to their default categorization (or your category mapping overrides)
    • Your uploaded Prices and In Stock Quantities will be applied to the items
    • The imported product_sku's will be assigned with your uploaded POS Item Number (or equivalent data in the first column of the CSV) 2,3

Step 6A: Updating Manufacturer Mapping

After clicking the "Import Select?" button, you will be presented with a mapping screen for the Manufacturers of the products in question.

  • Click the "Import Unmapped Manufacturers" button (snapshot)
  • Scroll down and check to see if your mapping for Mfg's is correct, making mapping changes if needed
  • Leave "Save" checked. Use drop box to reassign Mfg name if needed.
  • Scroll to the very bottom, and click "Save Mappings" button (screenshot)

Step 6B: Import the Matched Products (click "Import Products" button) 7

Step 7: Review the Imported Items and adjust as needed.

  • Click "Return to Home" button if you wish to see the matchup results again. By scrolling to the bottom of the matchup results, you can also Export the Results to a CSV File.
  • Navigate to your Product Editor in the Shopping Cart to verify & publish imported items.


Like it? Hate it? Please send us your feedback on this matchup tool via our Ticket Support.


1. During BETA release, we have determined that variances in data quality and complexity impacts the quantity of products that you can matchup in one CSV upload. If you find that a CSV with X number of files runs into errors, please see note 5 below, and if needed, retry with a smaller quantity of products.

 2. When using Excel, avoid saving data in Scientific Notation number format. Instead save as Number format.

3. If you are using leading zeros in your POS Item Numbers, be sure to maintain these in the CSV file. See "How can I keep leading zeros in CSV files?"

4. Use "Save As" CSV file format when working from Excel. 

5. We are currently experience CPU usage errors that we are working to correct. If you get ISE (Internal Server Error) message during matchup, please return to the Matchup Component and try reloading the same CSV file.

6. IMPORT? column codes: "Y" - item will be imported. "N" - Item will not be imported. "AI" - Item already exists in your website and cannot be imported (delete existing item first if needed).

7. The Imported Items report screen is currently kind of wonky. Items imported will be listed as comma separated sku's.



Last Updated on Friday, 18 September 2015 15:26